Aircraft Engine Instruments

Notice the engine monitor system on this gyroplane.

This panel uses a more standard arrangement of gauges.

Engine instruments monitor critical engines systems for proper operation. Common gauges for aircraft engines include oil temperature indicator, fuel flow gage, fuel pressure gauge, tachometer, water temperature gage, cylinder head temperature gage, exhaust gas temperature gauge.

Like the EFIS? If you want to go glass cockpit then you can get all this stuff in one package as an engine monitor display.

Some other gauges that can be found in the cockpit but are not a part of navigation, flight, or engine instruments are fuel quantity indicators, clock or chronometer, hobbs meter, amperage and volt meters, cabin and outside air temperature indicators, and carburetor air temperature indicators.

All I can say is to shop around, find what you need and like. Be sure it will all fit in your panel and then gather that shopping list together and place your order(s). We can do some more work on the gyroplane until this stuff comes in. What you forgot we are in a virtual build? We have a bunch of aircraft hoses, lines and tubing to install so let's get going. Back click to the Kit Assembly page or select the Kit Construction navigation bar and click to Kit Assembly to find Hoses, Lines & Tubing.


Becker Avionic Systems


BPB Surplus Engine Instruments

Cambridge Aero Instruments





J.P. Instruments

MC Murdo

Mitchell Instruments

ROTAX Engine Instruments

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Tiny Tach




Winter Instruments (Akademos, Inc.)