Aircraft Joysticks

The control stick or joystick is one item regularly changed by the kit builder. The stick in your kit is more likely than not-well-a stick. With the limited space in a gyroplane, a helicopter type or military style grip can be a great addition.

The benefit of a radio and ICS switch at your fingertip is almost priceless. Other switches on the grip can control lights and electric trim motors. They are also pretty doggone comfortable.

There are several manufacturers out there but if you have a custom job that needs doing you may want to see the people at Infinity Aerospace and see what they can do for you. They can install the switches and prewire the grip to your needs. If you need this specialty service check them out at

For those who just want a switch or two on the control stick or want one made of wood instead of plastic, there are joystick grips out there for you too. It's almost funny how a little button in the right place can make life so much better.

From joysticks please turn your attention to Bellcranks and Bearings. (Akademos, Inc.)