Bellcranks and Bearings

Bellcranks, pivot arms and the like are mechanical connections to change the direction of force in a flight control system.

Your gyroplane kit will likely have a couple of these items. So pay attention. Do not use bellcranks as handholds, steps or hang stuff from them. They may look pretty rugged but are specifically designed to transmit a load in one plane only. If a load is imposed in the wrong plane the bellcrank, link or arm can be damaged beyond repair.

For some odd reason these areas seem prone to corrosion on rotorcraft. I don't know why- it's just so. So periodically check your bellcranks, arms and links if the kit manufacturer does not already have a special check to do so on some bellcrank or pivotal device.

Bearings will not last forever. Bad bearings add slop to controls and can induce vibrations in the control system, give poor ride quality and even fail completely. Be sure to check all bearings for serviceablity, damage and serviceability and proper lubrication if required.

To get those rotor blades spinning we need a Prerotator.