The Carter Copter

2000-2006: The CarterCopter is an experimental proof-of-concept aircraft. The gyroplane is a fully enclosed advanced design with extensive use of composite materials throughout. The purpose of the craft was to verify the slowed rotor concept with a design goal of achieving a Mu of 1.

The Carter Copter has a rotor of unique design shape that best distributes the weight and blade cord angle at high speed cruise. The tip of the rotor blades are offset from the rest of the leading edge and house a large mass of weight to provide a large inertia mass. The long wings on the fuselage become more effective at high airspeeds and the rotor is actually positioned so as to slow the rotor rpm - thereby reducing drag and increasing the airspeed of the craft.

Several design concepts have been developed from the research demonstrator such as a superior design of landing gear oleo struts that have an imbeded circuit chip. The chips can calculate in less than a blink of an eye the compression rate and other factors and meter the dampening effect based off of the data from the chip.

The CarterCopter just made the advancement of rotorcraft airspeeds possible for all rotorcraft except converti-planes, such as the V-22. If I was Sikorsky, McDonnell, Boeing or any other conventiional helicopter, gyroplane or hybrid manufacturer, you have to pay attention to what Jay Carter accomplished and did it without a major companies bank roll either.

The gyroplane did achieve its design goal of achieving a MU factor of 1 which is an accomplishment that helicopters have never achieved and in fact one that many aeronautical engineers thought unattainable for any rotorcraft. With the data from the Carter Copter it is now believed that speeds of near 400mph may be possible with this design. Imagine your gyroplane speeding along faster than a two or four million dollar helicopter.

The CarterCopter was damaged and then retired not long after achieving its historic feat. All is not over, as Jay continues his research and searches for more funding to fuel his passion for gyroplanes. If anyone has a million or two that they are looking to invest you might want to get in touch with Jay.

Jeff Lewis (Engineer Carter Copters) (Akademos, Inc.)