Certificated Aircraft Engines

There are some advantages to using a FAA ceritified engine in your gyroplane. If you can use a certificated engine and propeller combination your flight test programs can be cut in half (at the discresion of the FAA, of course). Problems can be reported to the FAA that may force the manufacturer to improve a component. You will also be advised of any potential problems by issuance of an airworthiness directive. I would love to say these engines are more expensive than automotive engines but the tried and true little Franklin engine is still very much affordable for a 110 hp engine.

Certificated engines will require you to perform airworthiness directive (AD) checks to ensure the engine remains airworthy. Yes, even experimental aircraft have to comply with AD's that apply to those parts or components affected. AD's protect you and others from faulty materials, manufacturing, testing, assembly and a host of other issues, all to keep you safe.

See Alternative Engines or Propellers.

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Continental o-200 Teledyne Continental Pho: 334-438-3411

Franklin Engine Company

Franklin Aircraft Engines

Franklin 110 hp www.Franklin.com

Lycoming o-320 150 hp www.LycomingTextron.com
o-360 180 hp

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