Electrical Schematic Drawings

A basic knowledge of schematic symbols is helpful, as your avionics will include these drawings with the installation instructions. Don't let this shun you from doing your own panel installation as you can save a lot of money doing it yourself. After all this is why you bought the kit. If you still feel intimidated seek out an EAA technical counselor or take a workshop. Sometimes local high schools have electrical courses and the teacher may be able to give you some knowledge.

Just as you have a reference for your avionics with the schematics provided by the manufacturer, you should make your own aircraft schematics for your gyroplane. It can be a sketch and you can even make your own symbols or labels as needed. Just sketch out the circuit so you have a reference to work from if you need to troubleshoot in the future.

As you progress with the electrical system installation your ability to read schematics will increase and become easier. Continue to sketch out your schematics with each electrical system or circuit you complete. Be sure to label the drawing and include a legend if you decide to make your own symbols.

Schematic symbols are an industry standard so when you learn a symbol it will always appear the same regardless the manufacturer. You can always find reference books with schematic symbols if needed.

It is recommedned to start your wiring with a simple system such as a lighting circuit. This system can easily be checked for functionality and will expose you to some of the most commonly seen schematic symbols. The lighting system will also bring a great sense of pride and satisfaction as your gyroplane starts to show signs of life.

There are many options for Aircraft Lighting so lets journey onward.