Financial Saving-Spare Change

Ok I know you are saying - what spare change? The point I would like you to understand is no matter how efficient you want to be there will be some shop items to purchase. This may be a wrench, differential pressure tester, wood for a jig or bench or a space heater for the shop. So try and figure in a slush fund for stuff needed on the ground.

If you keep contributing to your slush fund after your gyroplane is fully assembled, the fund can be converted into a fund to pay for that engine overhaul or help pay for that time replacement item like rotor blades.

This tid-bit of advise might help get you in the air quicker and also help keep you in the air. Check out some of the links and see what they have to offer they may offer rates or incentives greater than your current bank and every little bit helps. (Akademos, Inc.)