Historic Gyroplane Aviators

All to often we can be so passionate about a subject that we forget about the people behind the passion, in this case the aviators of autogiro's and gyroplanes. A gyroplane is a machine and while we can be nuts over the things if left to its own accord it would just sit there. It is the pilots that showcase what this incredible aircraft can do. People who pushed and continue to push the edge of the envelope a little further, a little safer, more efficient is what sparks our interest. It is the human element with which we can connect, the fear and courage, the fatique, heat and cold.

I will never forget being at Oshkosh and watching Ken Brock perform his airshow routine for the first time and everytime after it was a joy just to watch his mastery of the aircraft.

This section is devoted to those gyroplane aviators who have done exactly that. We will look at them in a new perspective not just the numbers or awards but try and understand what it must have been like. So certain literary liberties have been taken to make you the reader understand what it must have felt, smelled and physically endured to have been there. These liberties are not intended to change the basic premise of the event or events and every effort is made to render each account in as accurate an account as historically possible.

Reference links are listed at the end of each article for anyone to research the subject more on their own and since we are on the internet the only references listed are from the web itself.

In general the gyroplane community is largely forgotten about in the history or technological contributions that the free-spinning rotor has set before the world. This section is a tribute to those who made no such divisions and were in most cases simply trying to be the best pilot they could be. A forgotten talent in most of todays pilots. So their endeavors do not go in vain the gyroplane aviators daring is rendered here. There are countries that honor their heros and bestow awards and entry to select clubs. There are no awards here, no countries or clubs just gyroplane aviators.

For four months I have researched and e-mailed and wrote and re-wrote the first inductee to the gyroplane aviator page. Even my selection of this individual will be viewed with some objections by some parties, I'm sure. I felt that this personality (as famous as they are) was somewhat left behind in the contributions to the gyroplane industry. This person literally took a year out of their life to essentially promote the gyroplane and when the year was over it is only mentioned as a footnote. There will be more aviator additions to this section but without further delay gyroplanepassion.com is pleased to present our first Historic Gyroplane Aviator- Amelia Earhart. I hope you find the presentation informative and enjoyable.

Amelia Earhart

Harold Pitcairn

Dr. Igor Bensen

Ken Brock

Wing Commander Ken Wallis

John M. Miller

Juan de la Cierva