"Little Nellie" The Wallis WA-116

1961-1974: Kenneth Wallis, a former RAF Wing Commander, started building autogyros in 1961. Wallis produced nine different single seat gyros and then began construction of a two-place model. The Wallis WA-116 was begun in 1969 and after testing a four bladed rotor was settled for the WA-116F model.

The 116 utilizes a pod type cockpit to house the pilot and controls. Like Bensen Wallis' powerplant was the 72 hp McColloch. Many subsequent engine options have been used up to 160hp. The 116 weighs in at 315lbs with a gross weight of 700. She has a 20ft 4 in rotor diameter and a fuselage length of 11 ft. She clocks in with a max. speed of 100 mph.

In 1967 Wallis and his autogyro "Little Nellie", a WA-116, gained internaional fame by appearing in the James Bond Movie,"You Only Live Twice".

In 1974 Wallis flew a 116F to achieve a world closed course circuit record in the 670.26km (416.48 mi.) category. There can be no doubt for the passion Ken Wallis has for his gyroplane "Little Nellie".

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