What's not in the Kit

When your goody box is delivered to the place of construction it will be loaded with all sorts of parts but most kits do not include everything you need to fly. When you are searching for your kit or once you have made your kit choice be sure to check that you not only have all the major components to begin construction but also the mission equipment you will require. So here are some items that may not be included in any particular kit. Make a list of your own for what items you will need to supplement the kit. It is hoped the following list will get your brain thinking in the right direction.

Engine Propeller Rotor Blades Paint Radios/Communications/Avionics Electrical wiring, connectors, switches, circuit breakers Navigation Aids Transponder ELT-Emergency Locator Transmitter Various epoxies, glues, resins and sealant Torque seal Anti-sieze Lock-tite compound Headsets/helmet Interior upholstry Various placards, stencils, graphics, registration numbers Aircraft forms and records

Now get to making your list. A free shopping list is available at the download page.