Aircraft Placards/Stencils and Graphics

Note the touching stencil on this gyroplane.

Showing how a custom stencil or graphic can personalize your gyro.

Stencils and placards are information labels to identify switches, positions, procedures, call sign, warnings and cautions, restrictions and instructions as well as limitations.

Some placards that your gyroplane will need are required and may include the word "experimental" in the size and location as described in the FAA regulations. The fuel type and quantity will need a placard. The passanger on board needs to be informed that they are flying in a non-certified aircraft and a proper placard is required for this. Registration numbers are needed of the correct size, color, style and placement as well. You will also need an aircraft data plate.

Various other placards will come with some of your electrical equipment or other add-ons that you have or will purchase. Some placards you will have made or make yourself. Placards of this type may include operational restrictions and limits as described by the kit manufacturer in the construction instructions or operation handbook. You will also need to mark your instruments for their proper limitations.

Graphics may or may not be used in place of painting and many of the companies that do stencil or placard work can also make up some pinstripes or other graphic you may want. There are some really aewsome designs available out there and some are very reasonably priced. I know of a place that can even put your sweetheat's picture in a nose art graphic if you like that sort of thing. You can check them out at the classic insignia link provided and be sure to let them know you found them on

Think of the possibilities!

Click Here for Classic Insignia

The airframe is really looking good but we need to put some glass in those big holes. Take a look through the portal of Windows.

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