Special Book of the Month

The special book of the month is a spotlight for rare or very interesting books of which you may not be aware. It's hoped you find this months selection a great read. Enjoy the rainy or snowy weather and pick up a good book.

I am sorry for not updating this page as soon as I should have but there was a lot of interest in Dr. Charnov's Book, so I left it up there for you for longer than I had anticipated. You can find Dr. Charnov's book in the regular book section of this site.

The latest book in the spotlight is a book that is not quite as enjoyable from an entertainment standpoint as the next book is a technical reference book. You have heard me describe this book often and while presented other pages of the site it seems most are having a problem finding it.

You can feel completely safe on this site from finding a pop-up add or any other marketing garbage that may get in your way of enjoying this site. I don't like that stuff either-so you can be sure you will not find it here. The links will not take you down an endless path and if you ever go to a link or product you are not interested in simply use the back button on your browser and you will get back to www.gyroplanepassion.com at the same page you left at.

Ok about this book offer... the book is AC43.13-1. This boook is referenced several times on this site as a very good reference source to help you in understanding the standard methods accepted within the aviation community for general maintenance and repair procedures. Please be sure you understand that specific repairs should be directed to the aircraft or kit manufacturer. Otherwise a good portion of your build will actually evolve around the subjects contained within the covers of this book.

Topics include electrical systems, corrosion, sheetmetal, composites, dope and fabric, common hardware, control cables and many other parts and systems. This manual shows you how to select and identify hardware as well as how to plan a sheetmetal repair or selecting the wiring. The manual also gives installation and removal practices for a variety of items and how to inspect the final product for serviceability and acceptance with aviation standards.

This publication is an U.S. FAA publication and printed by the Government Printing Office. I am sure a lot of you are saying that is great but I live on the other side of the world. While the manual may not be an official publication of your country the information in it is still viewed by many countries around the world as common standards practices. Best of all there are pictures of what is right and wrong and what certain conditions can look like.

The link that follows will take you to a page to view the retailers description of the book and also provides you with a secure means to purchase. If you are interested, please get a copy. If you would rather not get it at his time after viewing then just use your back browser to continue viewing this site.

The rest of the book section works in the same fashion so I hope you find this useful and are able to get the reference materials you need to provide a safe and enjoyable build as you fuel your passion for gyroplanes.