Gyroplane Kit Assembly

There are a whole lot of books avialable on the construction of kitplanes and most do have very good information. Now I want to let you in on a little secret. A majority of the information is taken from a FAA Advisory Circular known as AC 43.13-1. This publication is readily available and is loaded with great data that will not only show you acceptable methods and materials but will be a reference you will turn to from time to time when you enter the maintenance phase. Personally I have been working as an aircraft mechanic for over twenty years and still have a copy of this text readily available. The information in this book will show you such things as inspecting weld joints, what a good and bad weld look like, how to select and crimp wire, how to complete a nico press sleeve and how to inspect flight control cables. This names just a few of the topics covered in the circular. The information is for mechanics working on type certificated aircraft but is general in nature and can and should be used in your construction. Please remember not to deviate from the kit manufacturers instructions as they tell you how to complete the construction safely. The AC you will find handy for the things they don't tell you. The manufacturers instructions take precidence.

The construction of your kit can really be a great time to enjoy in your gyroplane adventure. If you have or are going to purchase a light sport gyroplane check out the gyroplane maintenance page for schools offering maintenance training.

The construction of the kit is described in the construction manual. Read the manufacturers instructions and watch any videos on the task you are about to perform before actually going to work. This will allow you to be better prepared as to what the parts look like and how they are assembled. You may also learn of a technique that will make the installation easier by viewing the videos.

It's not a bad idea to set construction goals and areas can be identified by using the table of contents in the construction manual. The top two areas where most construction time will be the greatest is electrical and painting. Try and set realistic goals, and do not worry if you go over just ensure the construction is accomplished as directed and that the craftsmanship is of high quality. Safety is far more important than the calander so do the job right.

Let's walk through a virtual build so you can be prepared for the road ahead. See Aircraft Structure.

You can order a copy of AC43.13-1 by clicking on the book picture below.