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WWW.gyroplanepassion.com is dedicated to all things relating to gyroplanes, autogiro, autogyro, gyrocopter, autogir, autogyre, autozyro, ect. To help in translation, the button located below will translate the site into the language of your choice by clicking on the appropriate flag.

No matter the name, the gyroplane and the people who build, fly, maintain and design them enter into a great life journey in the world of rotorcraft. The information, links and data on this site are general in nature and intended for reference, recreational and entertainment purposes. The data and information presented is not official. Links to official resources can be found on the government organizations page. In addition any material presented in regards to amatuer experimental gyroplanes is for reference only and the kit manufacturer or governmental aviation authority for your country should be consulted for proper application, restrictions and safety matters.

About our logo. The intention of our logo is to remember our roots. The gyroplane is a vintage aircraft from the early days of rotorcraft development, honoring those who laid the foundation of our sport. The nose art pin-up girl in the logo is to honor those individuals who kept the gyroplane in existance following World War II. It was the effort of these people that the modern sport gyroplane was developed. Nose art was commonly found on World War II aircraft and this art was usually painted by the ground crew. A good reminder that without the untiring efforts of the maintenance and support personnel, the pilots beautiful girl (the aircraft) doesn't fly. It is hoped that by remembering the commitment, effort and passion of those before us will live on in your own gyroplane passion and further develop and research this incredible aircraft. Take pride in your symbol for it is a symbol of the courageous adventurer.

WWW.gyroplane passion.com provides the gyroplane enthusiast with the resources and supplies for safe rotorcraft flight. If what you are looking for cannot be found please use the contact page and let us know how we can improve the site. This site is for the gyroplane community so you help build it and improve it. Thank you for finding this site and it is hoped you will find this site very user friendly to navigate. You will not be hit with pop-up adds or redirections that you don't ask for- so feel free to click around as some of the hidden treasures of this site are found by exploring. The following video provides a great look into the sport gyroplane.

Many great thanks to my friend/s at giroclubpamplona for the use of the great video.

Enjoy the Passion!

Rotorwash II
Rotorwash II is the offical blog spot for the website www.gyroplanepassion.com. This spot covers the content relating to the gyroplane and autogyro community. Developed by website developer Ken Fietz
General information
kit selection
gyroplane kit selection
gyroplane kits
Aircraft Financing
Aircraft Financing
Preparing for the Kit
Preparing for the Kit
Gyroplane Kit Construction
Gyroplane Kit Construction
Aircraft Forms and Records
Some references to help you with getting your gyroplane certtified as an amatuer built experimental.
Preparing for First Flight
A look into some of the preparations needed for flight testing an amatuer built gyroplane.
First Test Flight
An introduction of what you can expect to perform during the first test flight of your amatuer built gyroplane.
Flight Simulators
A look at how pc flight simulators can help prepare the pilot of amatuer built kit aircraft for the test flight program of their build.
Gyroplane Flight Training
A brief synopsis of gyroplane flight training and link for gyroplane flight instructors worldwide.
Aircraft Inspections
All aircraft, Be they transport, civil, military or experimental, require certain inspections at certain times.
Gyroplane Maintenance
Maintenance is probably one of the most forgotten and underrated actions within all of the aerospace industry. Many people take for granted that the aircraft is safe.
Gyroplane Organizations
Your source for gyroplane, organizations, clubs and associations.
Software that can be useful for amatuer built gyroplane enthusiasts.
Government Organizations
A listing of aviation governmental organizations from around the world.
Material Sources
Aircraft materials are raw materials such as wood, steel, aluminum, or composite materials.
Model your gyroplane
Source page for contacts with desktop and RC gyroplane models.
Pilot Supplies
A short list of sources for your pilot supply needs.
Gift Shop
Your exclusive source for gyroplane passion mechandise.
Aviation Books
This is a source page to find those aviation or gyroplane books or even amatuer built reference material you have been looking for.
A bief explanation of the motor that drives www.gyroplanepassion.com
Press Releases
Press releases archives for gyroplanepassion.com and link to PR.com
Blog spot relating to rotorwing aviation
The contact page for the website www.gyroplanepassion.com
Insuring your gyroplane.
The need for insuring your gyroplane and sources for it.
Website Awards
Awards presented to a great aviation website relating to the gyroplane.
Gyroplane Safety
Safety Awareness for gyroplanes in the air and on the ground.
Privacy Policy
Explanation of the privacy policy for the website www.gyroplanepassion.com. Keeping our visitors informed on how personal information is used on this website.
Alternative Fuels for Aviation Use
Explore the application of hydrogen use as a clean, alternative or supplemental fuel source for fossil fuels.