Gyroplane Kit Construction

The absolute first thing that needs to be accomplished before the first rivet is installed is to create a build log. This is a diary for your aircraft construction and will be needed for the FAA. The build log does not need to be fancy. It does need to be filled out. The date, what was accomplished or worked on, for how long and by whom, is all that is required. The build log is verification that the build was accomplished in accordance with the 51% rule.

The build log will also establish that the builder of an amatuer built experimental has done the majority of work enabling the builder to apply for a repairman certificate entitling the builder to perform their own condition inspections every year.

In addition you are required to take photographs of the build progress. Any type of camera and media can be used but the pictures must be of good quality to see what the picture is of. Blurry, out of focus and poorly lit photos are of little use to anyone. I recommend a digital camera not because of storage capacity or the ability to display these pictures on your computer. A digital camera is recommended because you can instantly see the results of the picture you just took. You can also delete any pictures you do not want without wasting any charges on paper or printing costs. The FAA does not expect you to be the next Ansel Adams just take good, clear pictures. If you need photography equipment in standard or digital format you can click on the links to help you in this area.

Include brain time in your log. If you are installing a gizmo that requires you to design, build and install, log all your time. This was your valuable time that was put into the construction of the gyroplane. Engineers with large aircraft companies do not assemble a thing but they do put in an incredible amount of time and research into designing the aircraft and all of its systems. You are no less important when doing the same for your aircraft. If for some reason the FAA does not like that you did log this time it is no big deal. They will simply discount those construction hours from the total. I would rather have this scenario happen then not show it at all.

Just be sure to fill out the log before you leave the shop so the work is still fresh in your mind.

To save you some time, GyroplanePassion has a free download for a build log that you can use and copy. See downloads page for your free copy.

When you are ready to move on see Kit Assembly.

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You can order "Kitplane Construction" by Ron Wanttaja by clicking on the icon below. This is a superb book!