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Make no bones about it a gyroplane or autogyro is it's own unique type of aircraft. As we can tell from our discussion on gyroplane history the autogyro was the evolution of the airplane to the helicopter. In appearance this craft has similarities to both types of aircraft but a gyroplane flies only like a gyroplane.

Aerodynamically an airplane flies by propelling a fixed airfoil at a great enough velocity and angle to support flight. A helicopter utilizes an engine to rotate the airfoil to great enough velocity and angle to support flight. A gyroplane utilizes a free spinning airfoil mounted at a precise angle with velocity being provided by a propeller. Three very different approaches to reach the same goal of sustaining flight.

You can expect control responses to be quicker in a gyroplane than an airplane because you are moving the whole "wing" rather than a little control element attached to a wing. Generally speaking, the control response will not be as quick as a helicopter because of the lower operating rpm of the gyroplanes rotor system.

It is these fundemental differences which set these aircraft types apart from one another.

A fixed wing pilot learning to fly a helicopter knows he has a whole new ballgame to learn. The same can be said for the helicopter guy who wants to fly a taildragger or multi-engine airplane. The same approach should be made toward the gyroplane.

The only way to understand what a gyroplane can and cannot do is to fly it. To fly it safely and learn the limitations requires a competent flight instructor.

I have repeatedly stated within our website that problems will not go away and that safety is fun. Flying is fun and it can also be deadly. Some facts about current gyroplane accidents are that most accidents after the test flight program are in two general areas. The pilot not flying the aircraft within limitations or otherwise written as not in accordance with the flight manual. The second leading cause is lack of adequate flight training on the pilot's part. (These statistics are taking mechanical or aircraft issues out of the findings.) Not that the pilot recieved poor instruction but that the pilot was not or did not demonstrate adequate pilot proficiency at the time of the incident.

Flying a gyroplane has limitations like any other aircraft and some very unique to the gyroplane because of the low velocity spinning rotor. Situations you would rather not be in can stem from flying in winds too great, landing or taxiing too hard or fast. Flying in turbulance too great or at too high a penetration speed can all quickly get you into trouble.

Flying in a fashion other than normal operational design has also claimed some of our fellow gyronauts. A mistake that can be encountered is a pilot unloading a semi-rigid rotor system. This is caused by the pilot initiating a rapid cimb by pulling back on the stick and then near the top rapidly pushes the stick forward. This is soon followed by the rotor blades seperating from the aircraft and the pilot and ship fall helplessly to earth. Grim, yes, just simply do not do the maneuver and you won't have to suffer the same fate.

Safety = fun; safety starts with you and so does the fun. Be smart, please be safe and get adequate flight training so your passion for flying will be fun. Here is a list of some gyroplane instructors ready to help you pursue your passion.

If you are a certified gyroplane flight instructor and are not listed and would like to be, please use the contact page with your rating, country or area of operation, type of aircraft in which you conduct your training and a means of contact. If your information needs to be updated or you would like it removed please again use the contact page so the corrections can be made. If you are interested in advertising your services on this page those services will soon be available as well.

With safety on our minds we have some other areas to concern ourselves with even though our kit has been built, tested and we are safe pilots. We have to turn out attention back to the gyroplane. To continue to have a safe aircraft you will be required to perform inspections and maintenance at regularly scheduled intervals as well as when a problem arises. To ensure you continue to have fun take a look at Aircraft Inspections or Gyro Maintenance.

This is a link to a free aviation weather theorey course provided by The National Weather Association. Listing of Gyroplane Flight Instructors by Country:


Boross Uniserv Australia, Gyroplane Fling School: RAF 2000; Laszio Boross; Email- gyroaust@ca.com.au


Gyroplane Aviation Ltd.: RAF 2000; Jon Pirdie: Email-Jpirdie@interbaun.com


Radair Aventures: Magni M16, MT03: Herv Terrasson; Email- Terrason@aurogire.com


D.R.U. Deutsche Rotorflug Union: MT03; contact: info @ Rotorflugunion.de

New Zealand

First Name: Tony Unwin E-mail Address: gyfly@aol.com City: Taurang Country: New Zealand Hi. I run a full-time gyro training operation in the city of Tauranga which is in the North Island of New Zealand.


Magni flight training in Leiria, Portugal. INAC, AVIEUROPA. Contact: www.flyingiro.com


I have found a very special package that combines gyroplane flight training with a fantastic vacation to lovely South Africa. You will stay at The Marula Lodge and enjoy the beauty of South Africa from both the ground and the air as you conduct your gyroplane flight training. The cost is very reasonable starting at about $100 U.S. dollars a day to $170. This can be the ultimate vacation for the gyroplane enthusiast. Use the following link to view and recieve your free literature.South Africa - Order FREE Travel Brochure!. The Supplier of this package is Vendor M13076.

Marula Lodge

Johan von Ludwig: Magni, ELA, Sycamore; Email-acrochem@mweb.co.za

Magni Gyro S.A.: Magni M14, M16, M18, M22; Email-gyrosa@mweb.co.za

Airborne Sport: Magni; Email- gyrosa@corpdial.co.za

Rhino Park Flight School: Magni, ELA; Email- jm@mip.co.za

Kestrel Flight School: Sycamore, Magni, VPM, Parson, RAF, ELA; Email- rpalm@lantic.net

Aero Sport ct: Magni, ELA, Sycamore, Air Command, RAF, Benson; Email-louisvw@iafrica.com

Upington Microlight and RAF Training Centre: RAF 2000; Email- eben@rafgyro.co.za

First Name: Len Klopper E-mail Address: lenk@ehr.co.za City: Cape Town State/Prov: Western Cape Country: South Africa Sycamore, Magni


Illiana Aero LLC: RAF 2000; Email- jsnider737@earthlink.net

Have Gyro Will Travel: RAF, Air Command, Parson; Gyrocfi@aol.com

Christopher Burgess: Email-gyrocfi.burgess@gmail.com Fredrick, Maryland

Gary Goldberry: Email- gsgold@cctc.com

Larry Banks CFI Gyroplane, Airplane, Glider. Year round instruction in Gyroplane AAI-RAF 931-260-3032 Heron Creek Aviation Heroncreek@hughes.net Spencer, TN USA

Patrick Howell: Email- hotfoothowell@hotmail.com

Don Johnson: Email- mdjohnson@ncn.net

Russell Nance: Email- rwnance@bellsouth.net

Ron Menzie: Email- ronsgyros@townsqr.com

Gyroplane flight instruction available in the Central Ohio area provided by Ed Newbold Flight Instruction. You can contact him by telephone at: 740-668-3541

Or, you can email at: ednewbold@enewbold.com

Paul Salmon, CFI

E-mail Address: psalmonmd@yahoo.com

City: Cape Girardeau

State/Prov: Missouri

Instruction in Magni M-16. The contact number is 573-334-8268.

Curtis Patten Jr.: Email- flygyro@brantleytel.com

Paul Patterson CFI Rotorcraft-Gyroplane Edmond, OK 405-826-8446 paulpatterson1@cox.net

Michael J. Stump: Email- michael.stump@gte.com

Lisa de Vries: Email- gyrocova@bnt.com


Woody De Saar: twinstarr, twinstarrlite, parson; Email-gyrowoody@yahoo.com

First Name: Graham E-mail Address: info@gsaviation.co.uk City: Marlborough State/Prov: Wiltshire Country: United Kingdom Comments: Qualified Gyroplane instructor in UK, training on the state of the art German Gyroplane the MT03 tandem twin seat gyro. Based in the south of England in the rolling Wessex downland. Why not learn to fly a Gyroplane in beatiful southern England. Small friendly club environment. www.gsaviation.co.uk

Gyrocraft Ltd.: RAF 2000; Email- MarcLhermette@hotmail.com

The basket link will take you to Flightshops where you can use the continue shopping link to find all sorts of flight training products. From sunglasses to logbooks and much, much more. Use the FlightshopBasket

In general most flight instructors and gyroplane manufacturers recommend that a few hours at least are dedicated to fixed wing flight before embarking on a students path to learn to fly gyroplanes or autogyros. The hour amount will vary from instructor to manufacturer but most feel that approximately 10 hours of fixed wing time is sufficient to properly introduce a beginner to flight and prepare them for their gyroplane training.

To help you in achieving your goal, www.gyroplanepassion.com is proud to introduce a program to help get you started. By clicking on the banner below you will be entitled to recieve a discovery flight at an approved flight school near you. A good foundation can lead to a lifetime of fun and adventure and it is hoped that you will take advantage of this program to help you toward your goal of recieving your wings.

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