There are a few options available to the customer as it concerns shipping your kit or sub-kits. If you are fortunate enough to live close to the factory and you own or decide to rent a trailer or moving truck. You can pick it up yourself. For a majority of the builders you will have to arrange for freight shipment. Before calling the shipping companies be sure to get sizes and weights of the box or boxes being sent.

A heavy or awkward box would best be moved with a forklift but how many of us have a forklift at home? It is recommended that you pay the extra money for a drop gate/lift gate on the delivery truck to get your container safely to the ground. A set of shipping dollies can be placed under the boxes and easily moved to the storage/assembly site. You need to ask for or provide the shipping dollies.

When your shipment arrives check the condition of the container and note any damage to the driver before he departs.

Most kit manufacturers will include a packing list of what is included or should have been included in the container. It is best to inventory as soon as possible so any shortages can be notified to the manufacturer and the parts sent out.

So check out the freight companies for the best deals in your area and then you can begin- the building process.