Gyroplane Organizations

Ready for some fun and friends. There is a whole support group of people with knowledge and experience that can help you in achieving your dream. You don't have to have a gyroplane to join just a desire to learn and be a part of a great sport.

Every year in the town of Wachula Florida gyroplane pilots, friends and families gather for the Bensen Days Fly-In, hope to see you there.

Special Thanks to Tim "Tchick" for allowing the use of this video.

There are many organizations that the gyroplane enthusiast can enjoy. Historical clubs, flying clubs, and general interest organization who share your love and passion for the gyroplane. Start your next adventure by joining one of these fine organizations.

Aircaft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA)

Australian Sport Rotorcraft Association


British Rotorcraft Association

Experimental Aircraft Association

Itallian Autogiro Club

Pink Ladies Gyro Club

Popular Rotorcraft Association (PRA)

PRA Chapter #58, Livermore Ca.

RAF Pilots Association

I have recieved many questions about radio controlled gyroplanes and found this great Forum that centers on radio controlled aircraft to include gyroplanes.

Membership is free and very similar to the Rotary Wing Forum for those who are members there.

Everything from beginners, to kits and supplies are discussed on this site and I think most will find it very informative and helpful.
R/C Gyroplane Forum

South Africa Gyroplane Association

Gyro Club Pamplona (Spain)

Swedish Rotorcraft Flying Club

If your organization is not listed you may use the contact button to get it added.

In cooperation with "Rotary Wing Forum". is proud to offer a link to gyroplane friends from around the world. Your can ask questions, review previous discussion topics or get in on a new topic.

It is a great place to meet other Rotorheads just like yourself!The forum is completely free and is established as a place for people with a passion for gyroplanes to gather.

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I personally think that it is important that you know who the person is who has put this site together. I mean the internet can be a faceless place that a person can hide behind. I am proud to provide gyroplanepassion to those individuals interested in gyroplanes. I know this was all very new to me as well and most of the information you find right here at gyroplanepassion was scattered to the seven winds before this site came into existance.

Someone once said that if you make something good enough you should be able to stand beside it and so I do with this website. The following link is to my MySpace site. It allows you to see I am a person, a bit about me and my likes and a place where we can converse on a more personal level. If you would like to be a member of MySpace it is completely free and all you need to do is request me to add you as a friend (on the MySpace site) and wham-o we are linked. Fair warning- if you are selling porn in anyway you will not be added as a friend, sorry but it is MY space.
For some, powered rotors-helicopters are what they are looking for. Having worked on helicopters I fully understand the desire.

Helicopter Foundation International has many benefits for those who want to investigate this area of rotary-winged aircraft.

Helicopter Foundation International

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