Aircraft Forms and Records

Forms and records ensure data and components are recorded and that they meet certain legal parameters. Wow, did I just say that? I guess I did and it is true. The way we are required to build, construct, register, certify, maintain and repair, and fly all with a set of restrictions or demands that protect the builder, pilot, passengers, and even bystanders and property, within the laws written as Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR's) in the United States.

If the proper paperwork, forms, logbook entries, aircraft markings, weight and balance computation and a sundry of other items are not in order then your aircraft will not pass inspection.

There is a very helpful reference put out by the U.S. Department of Transportation/FAA called "Amateur Built Aircraft Reference Manual" that is loaded with extremely useful information. It is actually a compilation of at least seven advisory circulars in one reference.

These advisory circulars are: AC 20-27, AC 20-139, AC 21-12, AC 39-7, AC 65-23, AC 90-89, AC 103-7. Also an excerpt from FAA order 8130.2d see for more info. This reference even walks you through the forms.

You will be required (not optional) to have a logbook for the airframe, one for each propeller and engine and accessories. That's a lot of books!

I am a person who likes a simple, logical approach to things. Up to now I have given some recommendations or suggestions but here I know of a product I almost plead you to utilize. It is not my product but I wish it was. It is called "AD Log" and combines all your forms and reecords and logbooks into one easy to use binder system. The service is extremely cheap for what you get to include airworthiness directives on your certified components like engine and propeller. Time change component cards- everything and it it is all laid out for you and I'm sure you will be happy with this professional system. Run out of cards, give them a call and they will be sent to you. This fantastic tool is available by contacting 1-800-235-6444 and let them know you found out about it at Yes, they can help you blokes over the water too! I have a link to their website below but the company has been talking for some time of shutting it down-too much spam in the mailbox, but give it a go; otherwise give them a call.

With the aircraft together and the paperwork in order it's time to prepare for our gyroplanes first flight. See Preparing for 1st Flight.

AD Log website

I may be old school with my paper attitude but I'm open enough to understand that many of you like the electon world of the computer and I have found a cool site that can help you in this area as well. They provide electronic logbooks and forms.

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