Model your Gyroplane.

Now that your gyroplane kit is now a gyroplane, I am sure you are very proud of your unique flying machine and you should be. Why not get a model to display your achievement at work or home or as a gift to a child or grandchild. Those kids are proud of your achievements as well and may have even helped contribute to the build no matter how big or small the task. What a fitting and lasting tribute to everyone's success. The models are all custom made and are works of art in themselves. Most are made from mahogany and painted to match your aircraft. The model makers will put all the antennas in place and any add-on kits such as stabilizers and stabilators. The registration numbers will match your real aircraft as well.

I personally love models and more especially when the models are highly detailed. There was a time in my own life when I worked as a model technican. Different models for a different purpose. The models I built along with a whole shop of very talanted people were building precision wind tunnel models. These too have many hours of handwork and built to incredibly stringent standards of tolerance. Imagine building a plastic model but of metal and the components had to match within .002 inch or less. That really is precise building. I even had the opportunity to work at the oldest wind tunnel still in operation. It was quite an experience in my life but I missed the nuts and bolts and turning rotor blades and moved on with my career in a different direction. If you were able to see what goes into making your model you would agree that they are pretty reasonabley priced for what you get.

If you just cannot get enough of flying gyroplanes then check out the flying RC models. These are some really cool aircraft and they may make a great gift as well but you may have to buy two because they are so much fun to fly- you will want one for yourself. Some are built to look just like the old autogiros of the golden age.

Either way check out what they have as your passion with gyroplanes can take different forms.

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