Gyroplane kits are assembly kits with the major components to constitute the basic aircraft upon completion of the build. The manufacturers of these kits are expected to make or provide airworthy parts. They are not however required to test or certify their parts to the standards of certificated aircraft.

An individual with the intention of building, testing and flying the aircraft for personal use normally buys the kit. The kit may be purchased as a complete kit, meaning all parts and components inclusive for what the manufacturer retails. They may also be purchased in smaller kits or sub-kits in which certain portions of the kit assembly are purchased such as an airframe kit, flight control kit and so on.

A complete kit does not mean everything needed to legally fly the aircraft is included and I apologize here and now if in certain sections of this site it sounds as if I'm a salesman. That is not my intention, my intention is to help inform you so there are fewer surprises when you decide to build. There are many other components and materials needed for your kit before it can be certified for flight. Paint, radios, wiring and other equipment as well as some personal preferences.

Personal customization is what makes your aircraft so special. It might be a fancy paint job or graphics or a really plush interior or a custom instrument panel. The great thing about gyroplane kits is other than the airframe- the rest you get to decide on what will go on the aircraft. Where and how much money you ultimately want to put into your project is also your decision.

When the box or boxes arrive you will have some paperwork and literature you need to be aware of. First, is an inventory list of what is in the box. Next you will find a construction manual if you didn't already recieve it, this may also have some videos or DVD's. The construction manual and DVD's will guide you through the construction process step by step but understand that certain portions are your options and you will have to decide what to install and where. So it is highly recommended that you get a copy of Advisory Circular (AC) 43.13-1 and at least a couple books on homebuilt aircraft construction as reference material. Be sure to retain your sales receipt of the kit, as it may be needed for registration/certification of the aircraft and more likely than not taxes as well. So be sure to safeguard the sales receipt.

I have included some ways to make contact with the manufacturers of the kits for your assistance.New kits, prices and modifications occur all the time from the kit manufacturers so they really are the best source. This is also why I have no pictures of the various gyroplanes. You can link with any of the manufacturers by clicking their link to see the latest version offered, get quotes, and address any questions direct to them.

Take a look around and I am certain you will find a gyroplane kit that will fill your requirements. It costs nothing to shop so be sure to thoroughly evaluate what is offered in the kit for the investment cost and the performance you are seeking.


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