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Aug 07, 2011

Pitcairn PA-18

Take a glimpse at a remarkable aircraft with a story made for Hollywood.

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Aug 07, 2011

Harold Pitcairn

A look into the life of inventor, pilot and key pioneer in rotary wing development, Harold Pitcairn.

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Oct 02, 2010

Military Gyroplanes

The use of autogyro's or gyroplanes for military use is not a new concept but new technologies are showing advances that can further advance rotary -wing development.

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Sep 23, 2010

The Little Wing Autogyro

Honoring Little Wing Autogyro

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Sep 23, 2010

John M. Miller

In recogntion to John M. Miller and his contributions to the acceptance of rotary wing flight. A true aviation pioneer and timeless voice.

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Sep 23, 2010

Igor Bensen

The life and contributions of Dr. Igor Bensen to founding the sport gyroplane and sport gyroplane community.

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Sep 22, 2010

Kahu gyroplane

A new gyroplane being developed in New Zealand that holds great promise to the world market.

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Sep 22, 2010

Ken Wallis Days

Pictures taken from the annual fly-in event in named in honor of Wing Commander Ken H. Wallis.

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Sep 22, 2010

Hafner AR III Gyroplane

Tribute to a great man and great aircraft.

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Sep 21, 2010

Alternative Fuels for Aviation Use

Explore the application of hydrogen use as a clean, alternative or supplemental fuel source for fossil fuels.

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Feb 13, 2010

Common Avionics Acronyms

A list of some of the commonly used acronyms in avionic systems.

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Feb 12, 2010

Kay Type 33/1 Gyroplane Autogyro

The first rotary-wing aircraft to employ cyclic control of the rotor.

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Feb 07, 2010

Wilford WRK Gyro The First Rotorcraft with Cyclic Pitch Control

The Wilford WRK gyroplanes development.

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Jul 12, 2009

Review: The Lives of Ken Wallis

An independant review of the book "The Lives of Ken Wallis" by Ian Hancock. The incredible story of a true aviation icon.

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Jul 12, 2009

Ken Wallis Photographs

This is an extension page of the Ken Wallis Tribute, with some great photo's of Ken flying.

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Oct 04, 2008

The Buhl A-1 Autogiro

Peer into one of aviations most forgotten aircraft.

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Oct 04, 2008

Juan de la Cierva

A tribute to the inventor of the Autogiro that broke the engineering problems to pave the way for a practical helicopter. A look at the engineer, industry founder and pilot.

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Jul 04, 2008

Privacy Policy

Explanation of the privacy policy for the website Keeping our visitors informed on how personal information is used on this website.

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Mar 23, 2008

Ken Wallis

Refelections on the amazing life of Wing Commander Kenneth H. Wallis.

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Jan 23, 2008

Ken Brock

Honoring a great airshow performer and past PRA President.

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Nov 04, 2007

Aircraft Nuts

An introduction to aircraft nuts used in aviation. A general description of the materials and designations of aircraft nuts.

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Nov 04, 2007

Aviation Maintenance Safety Methods

A general description of the safety methods used in aircraft maintenance to secure parts and hardware.

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