Wing Commander Ken Wallis Photographs

When collecting the data for the Ken Wallis Tribute page for I was able to find some really great photographs of Ken taken by Mr. Gary Brown. Gary has been kind enough to share these photo's with us and has granted permission to present the pictures he took while on visit to Ken Wallis's home.

The biggest challenge of writing the tribute on Ken Wallis was how does one concentrate nearly a hundred years of ones life into a proper tribute? Ken Wallis has lead a most dynamic life and because he has done so many significant things in his life I simply ran out of room on the webpage. As you will soon see the pictures that Gary took, they were simply too good and too beautiful to not show them. I am extremely sorry that all of these could not fit on the main page.

One will see the sparkle in Ken's eye as he takes flight in one of his autogyro's.

I caution all that view these pictures that they are copyrighted by Mr. Brown and he holds all rights and reservations for the use of these photographs.

So we hope you enjoy these pictures and can appreciate the extraordinary gift and contributions of one of our sports greatest ambassadors... Wing Commander Ken Wallis.