Tools are pretty straight forward. Most gyroplane kits can be safely and accurately built with common hand tools and a few specialty tools.

Ever hear the expression "the right tool for the job"? While you might use a tool for the right process on a car the same process may not work well on an aircraft. Aircraft parts are high strength but are also of light weight materials that will not hold up to abusive treatment the way your car or truck parts can. We also tend to have less space to work in than in a car. So finding a thin wall socket that is hinged may be the trick for making an hour job into a two minute job. Other times you may need to modify a tool or make a special tool for a particular application on your project.

Most if not all kit manufacturers can supply you with a list of recommended tools and list any special tools needed. Of course they do not know if you will be doing your own painting or electrical work and it is in these two areas that it is stressed that you buy the best equipment you can afford. Poor tools can waste time and money as it concerns painting and while you may get by with cheap electrical tools sooner or later the crimps will fail (if an aviation grade crimper was not used) and it all adds up to trouble down the road. You want to use an aviation type double crimper when installing terminal lugs. Yes they are expensive but the ten cent connector will not come off in 100 hours of flying either. They are also a lot easier to use than the cheaper variety.

Some tools that can be recommended for almost any type of build or maintenance include the following:

Cordless drill 14.4 volt or larger with keyless chuck Cut-off wheel attachments Cordless drill/driver bit set Complete set of numbered, fractional, and letter drill bits Dremel or rotor-zip type tool Solder pen Multimeter Compression tester Other hand tools and specialty tools may be useful or necessary for your particular aircraft and component installation. Happy shopping.

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