Gyroplane Kits

This is a link page for you to research kit built gyroplanes. Please look around all you like and visit as often as you like. The link will take you directly to the kit manufacturers and will save you some time in your search for your perfect gyroplane. Some of the manufacturers may not have kits currently available but may be taking orders.

This extensive list is world-wide. Many kit or aircraft manufacturers do have import associates to help in getting you gyro or kit into your country. Simply, contact them directly with your inquiry.

It is hoped this page will be of great service to you in achieving your dreams and quenching your passion for gyroplanes and gyroplane kits.

American Autogyro

Air Command Intl.

Air Copter

Airbet- Airbet Serveis Aeronautics

Astra Aero

Autogyro GMBH

Barnett Rotorcraft

Bauer Avion

Video provided by:

Butterfly LLC

Video Provided By: Aero-TV.

Carter Copters

Celier Aviation

Chayair Manufacturing & Avn.

ELA Aviacion

Farrington Aircraft Pho 502-898-4366.


Groen Brothers Avn.



Honey Bee G2

Joe Souza Gyroplanes Inc.

Presenting the KAHU Gyroplane! This is a gyroplane from "down under" and has some really beautiful lines and a lot of thought into functionality and ease of maintenance. This company is also looking for interested individuals who would like to invest in the production of this aircraft. The following link provides some additional information on this fine gyroplane

KAHU Gyroplane

Lazell Gyroplanes

Little Wing Autogyros

Mad Max Aero Pho 912-897-6702.

Magni Gyro



Midwest Enineering

Merlin (ultralight gyroplane)

North American Rotorwerks

Raven Rotorcraft Inc.

Phenix Aviation

Rotary Air Force/Canada is no longer the kit kit manufacturer of the RAF Gyroplane. The new company providing parts is:

Was, Rotary AirForce SA (Pty) Ltd. As of 2010, the kitbuilders name is UMRTC:

Contact number is +27 054-3311328

RAF 2000

Rotor Flight Dynamics

Rotor Hawk Industries


Sport Copter Inc.

Star Bee Gyros

UFO HeliThruster

Military Gyroplanes