Aviation Biography Books

Books are a wonderous invention. That people can communicate without ever speaking a word. Books and knowledge were so fundementally important to the government of the United States that Benjamin Franklin started opening libraries for the general public. Our founding fathers understood that through higher learning the nation would be better off. In the course of history it has been the resolve, education and resources of this great nation that have allowed the United States to perservere through even the hardest of times. Today is no different as we face challenges that tear at the very fabric of what we are as a nation. History has proven that it is the little guy (or girl) and not big industry that finds the tools that revolutionize our lives as human beings. People like Newton, Sikorsky, Enrico Fermi and even Bill Gates.

As a young kid I grew up in a very small farming town and had this great interest in aviation (still do) my source at the time to the world of aviation was through the books at the local library. I read everything I was able to find on the subject. Today we have the internet but the books that I read as a kid are still in book form only. Stories of the bomber pilots and the dangers they faced, the incredible story of Charles Lindberg, The Wright Bothers papers, the daring raids of the Japanese on Pearl Harbour and the raid on Tokyo by Billy Mitchell. The book by Chuck Yeager describing his life in aviation was very ineresting giving me a glimps into an era bygone.

Biographies not only tell us about the people but of the times they lived in, the challenges they faced and how they were able to overcome them. The first biography I ever read was on Daniel Boone and soon followed with Davey Crockett and Abraham Lincoln. Then I started reading about the Heroes in aviation and what fascinating tales they tell.

We as people can learn so much from one another and each others nations if we only become open enough to try and understand. We have the same desires to do good in this life and seek to provide for our families and fear that no threat to destroy our sense of peace will arise. It is through books like these that we can start to understand one another.

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