Historic Gyroplanes

This section exists from the response of you, the visitor, and your passion for gyroplane history. Gyroplanepassion.com is proud to present a series of articles on some historic gyroplanes. The intent of these articles is not to spark any debates but to provide you with some information for your own entertainment. I hope you enjoy what is presented.

Focke Achgelis Fa 330

Bensen B-8M

Umbaugh Model 18

WA-116 "Little Nellie"

The RAF 2000

The GBA Hawk 4 & 5

The CarterCopter

Buhl A-1 Autogiro

Little Wing "Woodstock" Autogyro

Kay Type 33/1 Gyroplane Autogyro

Wilford WRK II Gyroplane

Pitcairn PA-18